Primitive Man Saves Family Turtle From Python Attack - Python Attack On Turtle In Nest

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    Primitive Man Saves Family Turtle From Python Attack - Python Attack On Turtle In Nest

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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Robert Nieland

      He is no man. He needs to get a real job instead of staging these "attacks" so he can rush in and be the "hero". Quit torturing animals for USfilm likes.

    2. young김

      주작인가? 매회 같은 동굴에서 일어나네?

    3. Laxman Yadav

      Very good

    4. M78 E6Q

      This guy is a joke. An participate or to animal cruelty anybody who likes this video is a tard not worthy of breeding on this planet.

    5. Sivaprasad ML

      Same man. Same hole :D

    6. P.I.P. LAKSHMI

      Is it a drama?

    7. Iconic y0

      Please leave USfilm

    8. adarsh shivananda

      Its crime. Please do report if you think this is from your country. Don't encourage these type of videos . I request channel admin, to utilise knowledge in some other content. do save these species from endangering. Stop cruelty.

    9. アニマルしっきーAnimal,s Shikky

      I love turtles 🐢, so I'm sad... 5:22 came ❗️ came came came came came came! ️ I was waiting!

    10. Agus Pandu Setiawan

      This is clearly crime

    11. Irfan choudhary

    12. Carre Four

      Stop hurting animals for the sake of views. I dont want to harm people, and I dont want to harm animals too.

    13. raphael ferreira

      please youtube, block this channel

    14. raphael ferreira

      The same hole, the same python, the same idiots from all the other videos ... you should be arrested. this is clearly a crime

      1. Robert Nieland

        He should be thrown to an alligator so I can look like a hero after he loses a few limbs.

    15. Beatriz Fernandes

      Djdktm Gtfjf

    16. Beatriz Fernandes

      Eu gostei

    17. Mallikarjun reddy

      Fake, they did wantedly

    18. Mihajlo Kecman


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    22. BAKHA MC