Primitive Man Saves Eagle From Snake Attack - Eagle Vs Snake Real Fight

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    Primitive Man Saves Eagle From Snake Attack - Eagle Vs Snake Real Fight

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    Published on Month ago


    1. Md Alamin

      Mommy'v CNN?

    2. Adden Official

      Ngakak sm suaranya bhasa mna nih wkwkw Dewa penolong 😂

    3. Kim Lombard

      No thumbs up for preconceived and deliberately setup videos that put tame and domestic animals in danger for your entertainment, dear viewer. And, sadly, encouraging the channel owners monetization. What does USfilm get out of this, I wonder.

    4. Kim Lombard

      Again! There you go putting the life of a trained pet eagle into danger, and video tape the whole shit scene just for money and views. Animal abuse at it's best. A videographer is always there to capture the whole story, or is that true? Notice the bird is thrown off-camera, down from someone's arm to the ground as if it flew down. But that scene is not true to the reality of the actual conspired plot. The bird did not fly down just for this video. It is someone's tamed and trained eagle being subjected to a dangerous situation just for the money and the views. Once again, Sick and disgusting behaviour! Depraved content condoned! Content not deemed unfit by USfilm. Look at the other channels that have similar names, doing the same video content. Tame animals and domestic animals being exposed to violent situations. And for what? Apparently for money and views and popularity, no less.

    5. Antônio Correia Missionário

      Eu já dei um abraço no seu cantinho Então vem me dar um abraço no meu cantinho também já baixei você no seu cantinho você venha passar no meu cantinho que Deus te dê

      1. Sujoy Tigga


      2. Sujoy Tigga


    6. WiLdLiFe [Mystery]

      Philippine eagle are very dangerous and strong. Also known as monkey eater. But this one looks like an youngling or is it a philippine eagle? . Amazing video. Can't wait to see who you save next 🙂👍🙏