Brave Hen's Mother Protect And Saves Her Baby Chickens From Eagle - Most Amazing Wild Animal Attack

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    Brave Hen's Mother Protect And Saves Her Baby Chickens From Eagle - Most Amazing Wild Animal Attack

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. OLD TIAW

      Rok 1676 irwneusz na budowie w Afryce nagrywa jak kurczaki się ruchaja

    2. IDninja25

      This guy has fake animal rescues videos. He puts animals in danger to get more views. Please report him!!!

    3. Ivana Jozic

      You put the eagle to them and make a video....onley for like's,you are sick and soulless....

    4. Salih Nuri


    5. natalia serdyuk

      Hello! I'm with Did you film this video? If so, may we use it on our RT / RBTH / Ruptly platforms with your courtesy? Under which conditions it would be possible? Thank you in advance for your reply! Kind regards,

    6. Krisma Rama N

      Siapa yang kesini gara-gara liat di IG

    7. JJJ

      Animal abuse isn’t entertainment

    8. Saint Sixtus

      So epic‼️

    9. spackle9999

      2:23 That chicken catches a sick beat.

    10. Chris Montgomery

      Set to .25 play speed, skip to 3:00. Epic dinosaur fight.

      1. Tim Gray

        You mean animal cruelty fight. The hawk didn’t “fly” in it was tossed in. Several things show that off.

    11. Ramon

      personification of "ITS JUST A PRANK BRO"

    12. Jade Gwatkin

      Clearly clipped wings on the raptor, and stressed appearance in every shot. This is animal cruelty, not an amateur wildlife documentary.

      1. silversonic99

        @Chuck Gerrish I think you misunderstood me, I'm not saying it's not staged. Im saying the glamour shots are not hard to find naturally.

      2. silversonic99

        @Chuck Gerrish that is not what is being argued, don't move goal posts. You're argument, since you obviously forgot, is that this is staged because the shots they have are impossible to get otherwise. Every nature documentary ever, disagrees. Nobody is arguing that animal abuse is ok.

      3. Chuck Gerrish

        @silversonic99 I respect that you have a different opinion, I am not joining any hive brigade against you, because you have a right to express your opinion. I agree with your point that a lot of these "animal videos are staged" For what's it's worth, I don't care for snakes but I'd never purposely guide a python toward a school of piranas, just to get the shot. There is underlying cruelty to ignoring the personal pain an animal is experiencing. For example, some woman on USfilm filmed a jaybird being pecked to death by a crow. It was a slow and agonizing death for a living thing. She didn't intervene because her husband told her that's just nature. This is the embodiment of a living piece of human shit

      4. Chuck Gerrish

        @silversonic99 Yeah, I have. I am going to say that staging an event where an animal gets hurt or killed is looked down upon by those in the industry who are serious about animal conservation.

      5. MonokelJohn

        @silversonic99 I was replying to your other comment where you said that redditors are falsely claiming that the video was staged.

    13. A. H. A.

      What happened to the chick on the hawk's head?!? Am I tripping or at the end wasn't one sitting there like a hat?

      1. Ivan Abrego

        Those are feathers


      Kesini abis lihat kegoblogan unfaedah

    15. Κυριακη Κοτσαριδου

      Ζωα και ανθρωποι πρωσεχουν την οικογενεια τους 🐓🐥🐓🐥🐓🐥🐓🐥🐓🐥🐓🐥🐓🐥🐓🐥🐓🐥

    16. H Sal

      Eagle 🦅 like comedown maaaaaam just one ☝️😂

    17. H Sal

      It’s happened to me😀

    18. andinet lenda

      I LOVE MAM

    19. Reed Martin

      Math teacher today were doing algebra me: 1:01

    20. FearFire _

      Who have ever seen a wild chicken 🍗

    21. Arcelia Gomez

      I love this vid so much it was so funny 😂😂😂😂

    22. アニマルしっきーAnimal,s Shikky

      This time, the usual man didn't come to help ❗️ The power of the mother chicken to protect the child is tremendous🤗.

    23. SpiritSlayer


    24. Animal Exploration

      So good