Primitive Man Rescues Wild Pig From Python Attack - Most Amazing Wild Animal Attack

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    Primitive Man Rescues Wild Pig From Python Attack - Most Amazing Wild Animal Attack

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    Published on 25 days ago


    1. enzo mihoubi



      Please unsubscribe, this is totally fake! Scripted🙄

    3. Fernanda Sanchez


    4. darren chuay

      This is fake

    5. Boy Happy

      That Man it is so good

    6. Boy Happy

      Snakes are so bad I hate them😡😡😡

      1. mamatoma Mama

        Меня удивляет почему не убивают этих годких удавов а отпускают меня дрожь берет при виде этих гадов

    7. Catherine Whisenand

      English please

      1. Catherine Whisenand

        @darren chuay well us silly Americans can't understand And he sounds like he's going crazy so I wanted to know what he's saying, too me it could be anything

      2. darren chuay


    8. オコナーブライアン


    9. 物ノ怪しとりん


    10. เต่า ซุปตาร์


    11. Ofw kabackyard Channel

      Vids is screpted 😂😂😂😂😂sad for the animals who victim of there vlog

    12. Patty Voakes

      I can’t understand what’s this guy is saying But I am so Grateful that he saved that little baby pig 🐖!!! But !!!.. Where’s is Their Momma ???

      1. Mert Pala

        He put them into that position to make a video. How stupid can you be??

      2. galaxo boy

        Its fake

      3. Fernando Ferrão


    13. Patty Voakes

      I hate snakes! Never like snakes! Hate Them !! They are Always killing innocent Animals!! HATE Them !!

    14. アニマルしっきーAnimal,s Shikky

      Ah! This is dangerous! It's really tightened, help me quickly! Thanks God you're fine. The baby boar looks just like Japan. ああ!これはヤバい!本当に締め付けられてる、早くたすけてー!無事で良かった。猪の赤ちゃんは日本のにそっくりですね。

      1. Moorthi mani 8778179143


    15. Jeremiah Smith

      Thats sad tho i like these vids keep up the good work

      1. KAah Pjl

        @Nicole Burgos utiouiiiiih

      2. Nicole Burgos


      3. Nicole Burgos


    16. Modern Talking

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