Primitive Man Saves Family Cats From Python Attack - Python Attack On Cat Nest

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    Primitive Man Saves Family Cats From Python Attack - Python Attack On Cat Nest

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    1. Raffaella Palomba


    2. webos XD

      genial, mas maltrato animal, ¿Cuántos mas espectáculos como estos harán para dejar de hacerlo?

    3. annamaria rossi

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    4. Ludy Dela Cruz

      i hate that snake i wish that snake die

    5. Jaliyah Walker

      Owo The cat saving the babies

    6. Kayra Başak

    7. Domenica Lema

      Pero ay bien en las personas

    8. Domenica Lema

      Pobresitos las culebras siempre buscan carnadas y comen lo que encuentren le pico a la gatita en la pansita,y en el pie


      To all and everyone :) this is fake rescue it's set up just use commonsense if they are real rescuer if they know that there is a snake why would they not take the snake before the snake attack the cats. 🙄

      1. KIM YEONTAN

        Just correct me if my grammar is wrong

    10. Rafa Rogatti


    11. علاوي علاوي


    12. 라이줄

      The video is fake.

    13. Marmoraria Mundial

      nossa que perigo com os gatinhos

    14. Angela Mazuchine

      Para de obrigar eles ficar com vc

    15. Dark ŔOSƐ ßL·OOD

      Pls adopt the kittens and cat there poor

    16. Little_pickle64


      1. Narcisa Mera

        Gvbnrkhjkhnggh BBM jitk t l r htuñyo i

    17. love Song

      Sudah mati satu itu anak kucing bangsat..fotonya 3 tuh

    18. Joserafa Lillolrhhcjslagwkeydkcufkdvjs7sksgwjs


    19. Victoria Soriano Garcia


    20. xSaa_m

      POV: you came from tik tok

      1. Fortnite King


      2. Dave Uker


      3. Trinity Brinson

        Yea I did

    21. Houa Fernandez

      Look like he put play game, damn him😡 you guy got stop it, animals can get hurt

    22. Houa Fernandez

      Stop it play game! Dont ever hurt kittens or cats again. 👎

    23. Alexandra Chacaguasay


    24. Eden Estrada

      Idk how USfilm doesn’t these types of channels but they delete channels that do nothing wrong, this man is literally hitting cats for views.

      1. Zain Uddin


      2. Zain Uddin


      3. Zain Uddin

    25. 6ix9ineslittlebrother Haha

      Bruh it played the same clip 4 times

    26. Spoons283

      you're a sicko for doing this dude

    27. The spockzone

      these things are always fake why was he just placed a camera and let the snake bite the cats these are so stupid I don't know why these channels don't get token now

    28. Lisa Catalano

      Who ever filmed this video is a monster and is getting reported

      1. Dark ŔOSƐ ßL·OOD


    29. Alpha Ebenezer

      stupid man for always staging the scenes with same snakes and dragon with pets

      1. Alisson Huffel


    30. Ojan Ojan


    31. Ojan Ojan

      Ssxxx mmmmm Mmk ⌚

    32. Fahmid Chowdhury

      POV you came from TikTok

      1. Anoxmoos


    33. Mert Pala

      Guys this is STAGED. Report this video and get this channel blocked!!!!

      1. Gritz Z


    34. Viktoriya Provanovskaya

      To be continued:

    35. David Peterson

      Dislike and report PLEASE

    36. Roni Kandel

      Stop releasing your stupid snake on poor animals that are defenceless against it. This is abuse you are neglecting the animals you buy to just release into the wild and then just release a snake that could kill them just to get views and get more money to do again.

    37. Channel Xinaa Jina

      This channel use animal to a view and sub,this is so sad..please🙏

    38. Keegan Belt

      Ok me and that snake are throwing hands 😡😤

      1. Aaliyan Rizvi

        I feel like chopping that snake with a sword

    39. Noor Tamboli

      Ya allah

    40. Chelsy Chelsy


    41. faris pro


    42. ARMAN

      Pre planned video

    43. Gyunay Asanova

      Бу чок фена бишей😭😭😭😭😭

    44. Amit Jhankal

      wonderful nice Work

    45. Gabriel Mardare

      Yow a monster

    46. Hacker


    47. gulfam mashi


    48. Nick's RC

      Bruh, feed the snake to the cats!

    49. Asad abbas

      Yeah it is clearly visible that it is staged. The predator is always the same and the man so it's all just for getting views and clicks

    50. وئام العنزي

      والله 🥺

      1. JWANA シ

        صح مره حزين🤧😨

    51. MisaReis 36


    52. Den J S

      Uoooo auu ooooo auu auuu uoooo caaaa auuuuu uoooo caaa auuuuuuu

    53. Yahir Osorio


    54. Yahir Osorio

      Save him

    55. khadija khadija


    56. Lomax 26

      Bruh just leave the cats alone that’s their love not yours

    57. Ailin Oktaviana


    58. Azrul Azrul

      Kasihan cat😭😭😭😭

      1. jojho 01

        Report cenelnya bro.

    59. Gurmeet Singh learn music

      Good job sir

    60. Mariyam Aldqaq

      🥺🥺 the cats

    61. Nasim Akhter


    62. Дарига Бакирова

      Жыландардың жек көрем 😔😔

    63. mleoxx

      Es malisimo lo d este canal es obvio q todo esto esta armado no es q es un gato salvaje y q su madriguera estaba siendo atacada por una python se nota q ustedes colocaron alli a esos felinos. La python pudo haber matado a la gata o a alguna d sus crias. Nefasto.

    64. Rovie Gordo-Gonzaga

      Cat: cry anaconda cry Anaconda: >:( its not fair

      1. Tiago Gomes

        Pq se

    65. jay

      this channel is disgusting...nothing but abuse of animals in hopes of getting clicks.

    66. Acao Carinho

      Colocaram os gatinhos aí pra filmar tadinhos

    67. タマゴタケ


    68. DarkNyx 975

      This channel is literally animal abuse under the facade of fake animal “rescues” please do us all a favor and delete your channel. To everyone reading this, report this channel for animal abuse

    69. Tanjed 2018qar

      Very nice

    70. Flor de Maria Llican fernandez

      Porque la serpiente es molesta

    71. moistcurtains

      what a degenerate channel

    72. Johnsmith studioz

      why is this primitive man and snake the same

      1. Moldir Zhunisali


    73. silversonic99

      Everyone report this animal abuse. Go through the channel, it's pretty obvious everything is staged. This man put animals in danger for views.

      1. Viktoriya Provanovskaya

        To be continued:

      2. Mangesh Rajiwade


      3. Van On van

        @SurAj SApkota pq0

      4. SurAj SApkota

        true man

    74. wolaile heihei

      I don't think this video is really happend in the nature , wild cat is almost impossiable to get close, and the cat nest wasn't like a animal made hole.

    75. Ahmed Elgazar


    76. Delight travels

      This is scary

    77. Mathew Perry


    78. Irfan Maulana


    79. Aritz

      Kind letter 27

    80. Elexad

      Dry elk 28

    81. Vida na roça com Maísa

      A mãe como sempre protejendo a cria

      1. Vikas Tanan


    82. Vida na roça com Maísa

      Nossa, coisas da natureza

      1. Lidia Cordonero