Primitive Man Saves Family Turtle From Komodo Dragon Attack - Amazing Wild Animal Attack

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    Primitive Man Saves Family Turtle From Komodo Dragon Attack - Amazing Wild Animal Attack

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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Gustavo Montero

      Aquí viendo uno de estos vídeos,saludos a todos desde Lima, Perú.

    2. Kayzel Asuncion Pelayo

      What a lame act

    3. Kaboom Coba

      Guys saved the lizard, and are having turtle soup for dinner.

    4. Mahmod Dabbah


    5. Shruti singh

      Salo ye ky bat hoti kachue ko tumne apne liye bachaya tha ky taki tum kah Sako ise🙄🙄😬😬😬😡😡😡😡😡

    6. Maorm Sreh


    7. Maria Angel


    8. Collecian Wisdom

      I just love a good mom🐾🐾🐾🐾

      1. sulva sing


    9. Ivan Swai

      Ambwene mwasongwe

    10. anjali das

      Nice Video

    11. Jiefan Huang


    12. fung Yeak


    13. Rocío Ruiz

      Con nichigua

    14. Rocío Ruiz


    15. アニマルしっきーAnimal,s Shikky

      Lizards and turtles are actually good friends, and humans are also good friends. Eggs are chicken or duck eggs. Everyone is an actor.

    16. Suhel Khan

      পাগল ছাগল

    17. pakistan kpk pets


    18. VR Studios

      Hi nice video 🌹💋💋🌹🥰🥰💋💋🌹🌹

    19. Jose Arbizu


    20. Carolina Garibaldi


    21. Allison Anthony


    22. z man

      And I don't think that's a comodo Dragon it wouldn't be running away more of an attacking kind of lizard very defensive but this is USfilm anything's possible 😆😆

      1. z man


    23. z man

      If saves mean eats then yh good thumbnail 😂😂😂😂

    24. Mr. Skull

      Who is filming the lizard eating the eggs


    26. raju b

      You did great thing

    27. Massiel Turbi Gonzalez


    28. Coordinate TV

      So interesting

    29. Lim Jiunshyong

      Idk wut to say THAT LIZARD ATE THE egg And the person is RECORDING IT

    30. Amit Moriya

      Jon Jon Indian hai like kare

    31. 권승헌

      저거 코모도아닌데 뭔 코모도야

    32. តុក្កតា និយាយខ្មែរ

      បងជួយជាវ វីដេអូខ្ញុំផង

    33. joel carvajal

      1) eso no es un dragón de komodo 2) la mayoría de tortugas terrestres entierran sus huevos, luego se van. No regresan al nido por qué las crías al nacer son capaces de valerse por si solas. 3) los huevos del vídeo son muy grandes y muy duros 😅 parecen más de pato o gallina ( por eso tambn la valió vergas a la tortuga que el monitor se los coma en frente de ella jajaja xdxDdd ) 4) el lagarto del vídeo está domesticado, un monitor de ese tamaño atacaría sin pensar de forma agresiva y golpearía con su cola. El del vídeo se quedó así todo pendejo sin hacer nada.... Fake vídeo amiguitos

    34. Hilal Khamis Al Balushi

      That is not komodo dragon thats water moniter

    35. KTF Kitchen

      Whole video is a set up and waste of time

    36. Birdy BathTime

      That isn’t a Komodo dragon but more likely to be a smaller relative monitor lizard just an fwi And I’m pretty sure a turtle wouldn’t just sit there and I’m pretty sure she would bury her eggs And those are hard shelled and look more like chicken eggs

      1. Jm Morong

        Kuz it is there just acting

    37. lili sun

      fake fake turtle eggs don't have hard shells they have soft shells

    38. Piper Travers

      And jerks

    39. Piper Travers

      They had to tuch every that that dome

    40. Rafael Castellanos

      Get out stupud komodo dragon

    41. Vero Bonilla

      Hido 😼😼😸😸🙏🙏

    42. Vero Bonilla

      Hizo 😼😼🙏🙏

    43. Vero Bonilla

      Hizo 🙏😼😼

    44. Vero Bonilla

      Hizo 😼😼😼😼😼😼

    45. Sizhe Guo

      FAKE AF

    46. kyron greenidge

      Looks like a monitor lizard and not a komodo dragon 😑

    47. LONE WOLF

      Turtle egg looks different

    48. The Aquaminer Gaming

      Mene kardia ab app bhinkar do plz

    49. Isaac ongechi

      Who said they were primitive 👎👎👎

    50. wolf prince v 2

      this is so fake because if it was real the komodo dragon would be attacking the people

    51. Dory Edouard

      It wasn't a komodo dragon and the camera men sat their and did nothing fake af 😟🤣🤣

    52. تێکستی ڕەش

    53. Survival KH



      primitive man that has USfilm ah yes

    55. Bachelors Canteen

      This is just a script to get views. And foolish people like some njoy and Subscribe to such channels. One minute silence for those who believed this was not scripted!!

    56. R.k Meena


    57. Akhil_ Prince_of_travancore

      Deliberately taken video

    58. Vaishnavi V

      Why are they over acting?? This seems staged🧐🧐

      1. wolf prince v 2

        it is staged because if it was real the komodo dragon would be attacking the people and hissing

    59. MongolParasite 51

      Let him eat the eggs, it's natural selection And that isn't a Komodo, it's a monitor lizard

    60. juan l. rodriguez


    61. Jay da great 23

      The video was set up they moved the turtles eggs over there and on got destroyed

    62. ImMortal Gaming

      Lizard was like : abey sale

    63. Master Hobbs


    64. jpa23245

      wtf i jus watch

    65. jesal takwani

      That's a Tortoise

    66. YouNick

      That komodo dragon's egg also should eaten by someone else

    67. ULtron Zout Gamer

      Support me 😘😘

    68. Μάνος Μπιμπ

      First: This was'n a komondo dragon. That was just a varanus. Second : they shouldn't stop the varanus. He just searching and eating his food. He must it something just like the mans who stop him

      1. wolf prince v 2

        yeah your right

    69. Cedric P. Bautista

      And the cameran

    70. Meekgo C

      Komodo dragons are big and dangerous to get a bit and they eat meat lol

    71. Wyatt LaChance

      That ain’t even a Komodo dragon.

      1. Giovanni Sanchez


    72. ashvarya rajput


    73. ibsan izhaq

      Nice video

    74. ashvarya rajput


    75. shubham kate

      the idiot could have save those

    76. Andrew Hewitt

      Um, not a turtle and not a Komodo dragon....

    77. Chin Vichka ជិន វិច្ចិកា

      Love cambodia 😂🇰🇭❤️

    78. Anubhav Pandey



      The lizard ate all the eggs infront the camera man bruh....



      2. Nikki Lonna

        Ill just save the turtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢😰😰😪

      3. Nikki Lonna

        But i wont do that because i will probably get put i jail

      4. Nikki Lonna

        If i was the camra man i problely pull out a shotgun and kill the lizerd them keep the mother turtle and her babys in my house

      5. Nikki Lonna

        Me to😪😪😪

    80. Village Tube


    81. saleem ahmed

      Time wasted video.

    82. Muhammad Siddique akbar

      Good job

    83. ayyachris

      Komodo: Bruh...

      1. Nathanael Cabre

        It's a monitor lizard

    84. Flop stories

      Hhhhhhhhhhhh😂😂😂😂🤣🤣Fake 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    85. eduardojr gabao

      Haha drama

    86. Mattzilla 1954

      shame this fake

    87. Adrian Ulerio

      This whole video a set up a turtle a never set her eggs up like that 😂😭smh

      1. Buggy D. Clown

        The guys made a nice vlog about getting to the scene as if anybody understands their 'our oar or ore' even if they didnt eat the last egg and the turtle WHICH THEY DID they didnt had to let the lizard eat all those eags, you cooked him anyway? I mean u better have, u monsters. Just wiping out a whole family of species watching it oaroaring like OMG

      2. Sailass Stinnett

        Yup title say Man saves family turtle, but why didn’t the camera man do anything he just watch the lizard ate the egg

    88. Antulio Sac

      Uuuu uuuu uuuuu uuuuu uuuuu uuuuu uuuu uuuu uuuu uuuuuuu uuuuuuu uuuuu

    89. Erich Anastacio

      BIG BIG EGGS for a turtle... I thought they were small round ones.

    90. Ivy Paulene Pelonio

      Wtf 😂

    91. Geeta Dahiya


    92. Weirdtuber journalism

      This is why animals attack and we wonder why,because were always fucking them (jk)

    93. Nahshon Banks

      What they do eat the turtle

    94. Kendrick DAWSON

      out of all those eggs it was only 1 left... The komodo destroyed dat turtle🐢 household

    95. GamerGadha

      Is that a komodo? Man u fake things and act

    96. TIME is on MY SIDE

      Talk about a headache🤦

    97. Manpreet Singh


    98. Ty V

      WTF language is that ? Look like FAKE all set up Thumb down 👎

    99. FUN CITY

    100. Sunny choudhary City star

      Good work